Finding the Best Restaurant Supply Store in the Area


Are you tired of being told that you cannot make your dream happen? You have wanted to open a restaurant for so many years, and now you are in the planning stages. You managed to get the capital together, and you even believe that you have a team that can help you achieve this dream. But now there are two things that are standing in your way. You need to find the ideal location, and then you need to ensure that you have stocked up your restaurant with all the supplies that you are going to need.

The supplies are not so hard to find, but it is not just about finding the right items. You also have to ensure that you are paying the right amount for what you are getting. And that is why it is so vital that you find the best restaurant supply store that services your area. This is an even more crucial part of the process than you imagine. Now think about it this way. You have to get the entire kitchen area sorted in terms of appliances and tools, and you even need the cutlery and silverware that you are going to use to bring out the food and serve people.

This means that you are spending on a lot of items. If you are buying from the right place, everything may cost you close to $65,000. That is just a rough guess based on a small sized restaurant. But if you with another seller, you could even pay as much as $90,000 for the same items. Now why would that be a good thing? It is not, and you have to be careful about the purchases that you make. Ask around, and make sure you have assessed every seller before you go with one.

restaurant supply store

That $30,000 or so that you are saving will be huge. Not only will it help you pay the salaries of your staff, or get the food supplies you will need each week, but it will just give you more breathing room. Ask any business owner in any industry and they will tell you the first two years are the hardest financially. Yes, you make some money, but you are also spending a lot. You are getting the rent and bills sorted, you are doing upgrades to the location, buying equipment and paying staff. And you will always have some wastage of food as you sort out your menu.

So make sure that when it comes to equipment, you are not spending a dime more than is necessary. And also make sure that you are getting the precise items that you will need. Whether it is the stove, counters, knives, forks, spatulas, grill, pans, fridges or other items, you need to ensure that you are getting the right types and sizes based on your location and the type of restaurant that you are opening. For instance, a dine in restaurant will need different supplies as compared to a place that is delivery and pick-up only.